Monthly Archives: February 2012

Final Website Design


I decided to incorporate bright contrasting colour similar to that of the font we used in the music video to show the ‘names’ of characters. This conforms to the indie genre and allows my three media products to connect as they all have the same colour in them.

I decided to also create a splash page as after looking at other indie bands websites it conformed to the genre. On the splash page it advertises the album and has two different album covers as that is often seen on websites and there are also links to itunes, facebook, youtube and twitter.

My splash page:

Here is my home page:


Below is the html link for my final website!%20Home%20Page.html



Final Digipack


After going back and forth on templates I finally decided to use a basic one as this was actually more likely to be seen with indie bands and therefore conformed more to the genre than templates like ‘Maltese Cross’ or an ‘8 Panel’ digipack which were better suited to the pop or hiphop genre.

When completing the digipack I chose to use snapshots from the music video as it is typical of indie genres as it advertises their video at the same time as selling the album. There are three different settings in the video – the college, the highstreet and the gardens – so I decided to chose the gardens and focus on that as in many indie music videos and album covers there is a clear theme of wildlife and the outdoors.

Here is my final digipack:

Citizens - True Romance