Evidence of my individual role


During the filming:

  1. I brought all the costumes (not including the wig) which consisted of a grey shirt, chinos, a satin skirt, black tank top, fur gilet, baggy purple top, black and white striped strapless top and a handbag.
  2. I created the storyboard after discussing the idea with the rest of the group.
  3. I picked up all the equipment and brought it to college that day as well as signing for the camera as I am over 18.
  4. I managed communication between everyone, including the actors getting on set on time and telling the group where to meet.
  5. I set up the camera with sammie and mat.
  6. I filmed all the scenes at college, walking down by the green, walking down the highstreet and crossing both zebracrossings and chess did some filming of mat at the end of the high street.
  7. I arranged the people in their positions for stop motion figures including the ones I was in. And I helped film the stop motion figures I wasn’t seen in as well as filming mats stop motion figure portrayal on the high street.
  8. I told and showed the first couple and the couple I was in the positioning they needed to maintain during the shoot as well as creating the actions they had to do in order to get the right looking action scenes for the filming.
  9. I returned the camera and equipment to alan at the end of the day and have been in charge of keeping the tape since.

Post Production:

  1. I was in control of the mac for editing all of the rough edit and helped send the footage along with sammie and chess.
  2. I created all the multi and dual screens during editing.
  3. I have been in control of doing a great deal of the editing as nearly every lesson I have been at the computer.
  4. I have made executive decisions with sammie when the other half of the team weren’t able to make editing sessions and we have discussed it with them later at the next session they attended.

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