Feedback On The Rough Edit


In class the other day whilst up in the editing studio on the tenth floor we showed our rough edit of Citizens-True Romance to the class. This was a very important exercise as it allowed us to gain feedback from the people we would hypothetically be targeting. However when looking at the points made it is important to keep in mind that not all of the students watching the video conform to our target audience but the points they made are still very valid as they are familiar with camerawork, lighting, costume and editing.


  • handheld
  • stop motion figures
  • good ideas behind the video
  • for the time we had was a good achievement


  • a large majority of it was the protagonist walking
  • although the idea was good the execution was lacking
  • less cutaways than other people
  • one girl didn’t understand the narrative and said it was unstructured

How are we going to change this?

Before the showing of our rough edit we were well aware that there wasn’t enough ‘action’ so to speak of in the music video and were even advised to put in more footage of the couples. When watching it back ourselves we agreed there was too much walking and that we were missing out on some of the great shots we have acquired through filming.

I believe the execution of our idea was mainly lacking due to the fact there wasn’t enough footage of the couples in the video which we are sorting out much more. There are much more cutaways than in other peoples videos however due to making it originally for a possible client we made sure we didn’t use people pretending to be the band as we thought in the pitch this could disadvantage us in the long run. This is also one of the aspects I am most fond with as I believe it reflects the Indie genre rather well overall. In many Indie music videos there is only a strong narrative and often the band members are involved in it.


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